Monday, December 12, 2005

this is really the last one...

My name is Kelly Moon.

Here is a website that is working towards getting human rights in indigeneous countries, as well as everywhere else around the world, for all women and families. It has some very interesting and compelling articles.

One last post

Another reality show on MTV - Making The Band. Ok, don't judge, but I totally got into it at the end of this last season. These girls really have dreams and they work their asses off to meet the standards. I admire them for putting themselves out there for their dreams and aspirations. Then, I hear crap like P. Diddy, the host, saying crap like, "We're going to Miami! This means it's time for bathing suits and asses! These girls have got to be HOT! and I want to see some bathing suits and them shakin' some ASSES!" Ok, these girls are like 21-22, and girls as young as 13-14 are watching this.....If I wasn't secure enough in myself (and KNOW i will never be their size) I would feel pretty crappy about myself and if i was 13 or 14, i would now want to walk around in barely there clothing and feel sexy! at 14! I don't want any 14 year old girls striving to be sexy! I hate that he ignored the well being of his audience, and i hate that MTV is so bound and determined to sex up this country. ok, it's more than MTV. I'm sad that the majority of the country feels the need to sex everything up. it's disturbing and getting priorities messed up. If you actually read this, Dr. Lambiase, I apologize for my rantings:) Have a good holiday! at least as good as you can.

Another boob post

I heard this on the radio..."Out to dinner breast augmentation." Yeah, that's right. They are promising a less than 24 hour recovery time. You can go in, get bigger boobs, and "be ready to wear them out by dinner time." This advertisement was actually saying shit like this. We are so obsessed with boobs that getting your boobs done is as easy, and takes as little time and recovery, as going in for a dental check-up. I'd rather get the dental check up.....

the new graduation presents....for HIGH SCHOOL!

I heard a very disturbing story. Apparently there is a new fad in HIGH SCHOOL graduation gifts for girls....BOOB JOBS!!! yeah, there are more and more parents getting their teenage daughters boob jobs for graduation and getting them before prom. i guess this is so they can fill out whatever skanky dress they are wanting, when Lord knows they would look better in another dress for less endowed girls and they will feel stupid in 20 years. oh well, sometimes i feel like our societies ideal body image is getting more realistic, and then stuff like this comes up:-(

christmas presents

With the holidays coming around, got to start thinking about presents. It's funny, and sad, when I think about what I should get for the younger kids. Boys get boy things and girls get girly things. Is it because they really deep down want these gender specific toys? Or is it because we tell them they should stick with their gender and want them? Sex is biological, gender is created. That's all i've got to say about that.

Halloween costumes

I have written down several things to put in this journal, but have not actually posted them. Silly, I know. But here we go.

I had the hardest time this year at Halloween, because of the parts women are supposed to play. When it comes to costumes, while men can be funny, sexy, scary, original, whatever, women ahve to be sexy and slutty. At our age, those are the requirements and the women that deviate from that are not talked to as often in the night. I know this is not the case for every group of people, but it is definitely the majority in college age people. I am lucky to have friends on both sides, but with my funny and not sexy at all costume, there were parties i didn't bother going to. irritating.....

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Daily article

I was disturbed by the article in the NT Daily on the attacks last week outside the Union. One of the group of attackers were well discribed as black males. The other set of attackers were not described well at all. The way the told the story in that non-descriptive attack made it sound like the victim could have had a good look at the attackers. Maybe not. However, due to the only description being of black males, my first imipression from the article was that these attacks should be blamed on black males. I want to know if there were any assumptions we were supposed to make about the first set of attackers because their race was not included. Needless to say, the article gave me an uneasy feeling.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Ending sexism through a washing machine

You have to check this out. It is hilarious.

Gender roles

ok, this makes me laugh. Have any of you women ever felt a need to do something that COMPLETELY fits into a woman's gender role, but it's not something that you would normally want to do? For example, feeling the need to provide food for a group of guys just because you feel like that is what you are supposed to do. Or, sitting around with a group of people and feeling the need to take care of the kids running around just because isn't that what women do? you wouldn't normally do these things, you just get that sudden feeling that it's your duty. It's a scary feeling. Gender roles.....they can be a bitch.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

The Donald

Another post on how attractive people win. I have to admit that one of my guilty pleasures is 'The Apprentice'. So i was watching the premiere a couple weeks ago and and after about 10 minutes into the show, they had all of the candidates lined up. Well, guess what I saw. THEY ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL! Some of them could even be's ridiculous. It was just another slap in the face that people apparently don't want to watch ugly people on tv(unless it's ABOUT ugly people being on tv) and attractive people are more likely to get the job. Pretty people win again.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Rita coverage

Since I haven't been able to go 30 minutes without seeing some sort of coverage over the hurricane, i might as well poke a little fun at it. First off, if anyone else was watching the Weather Channel coverage and DIDN'T get their "synthesized, probably written by a 23 yr. old UNT grad, trying to be dramatic" music stuck in their head, you are a better person than me. Second, seriously, standing out in the middle of a hurricane holding a microphone, while trying to tell everyone there is a hurricane....why do those people do that and why does anyone actually make them do it? Reporters standing out in terrible wind and rain explaining how bad it is and informing us that EVERYONE has evacuated. Are we just supposed to forget or not recognize that their dumb butts are still standing out there? I would have felt just fine and just as informed if they were telling us this from a newsroom or at least inside a building. I know that we need the camera coverage, but that could have been done from a safer location. I was seriously waiting for something like a car door or a grocery cart to just come flying by and take the reporter out. These people are braver than I am.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Oprah Show

Something was brought to my attention that I wanted to bring up. I knew of the episode of Oprah that was reuniting families of Hurricane Katrina. What was brought up was how all the people she had on there were physically attractive. There were not any people who were in completely torn up clothes and teeth missing. i know, with Oprah's people, they can make anyone attractive, but it was still interesting.